Indira Gandhi Hospital Shimla
AInformation as per RTI At-2005

Particulars of the Organisation

Appellate Authority Dr. S.S. Kaushal
IGMC, Shimla
Public Information Officers
Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla

Smt. Bimla Patial
Superintendent Gr-1
IGMC, Shimla

Indira Gandhi Hospital

Dr. Ramesh Chand
Sr. Medical Superintendent

State Hospital for Mother and Child

Dr. L.S. Chaudhary
Sr. Medical Superintendent

Rogi Kalyan Smiti Sh. K.R. Negi
C.E.O. -cum- Deputy Controller(F&A),IGMC, Shimla



Particulars of the Organisation

The particulars of its organization Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla-1.
The Function and duties of its officers and other staff

i) Function & duties: - The Principal is the head of the Institution, Dean of faculty Sciences and Chairman of Rogi Kalyan Samiti.All the work of the Institution is being carried out through him.
(II). ADDITIONAL DIRECTOR:- All files relating to establishment of Staff, admissions to UG/PG/ B.Sc and accounts matters are routed through him to the Principal.

(III). ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER: - Attending the routine affairs of the officeadministration and also the jobs assigned to him by the authority from time to time.

(IV). ASSISTANT CONTROLLER (F&A):- Drawing and disbursing officer for the Institution. Looking after the matters pertaining to CAG /PAC, audit, Budget and purchases.

(V). SECTION OFFICER: - To assist the ACF, Controller (F&A), IGMC, Shimla.
Establishment section: All correspondence relating to:

1.    Sanctioning of leave to Staff.
2.    Grant of annual increment to Staff.
3.    Posting and transfer of all categories in IGMC.
4.    All cases relating to LTC/Home town concession.
5.    All vacations matters in IGMC.
6.    Permission to attend, workshops/seminars etc.
7.   Correspondence relating to appointment, disciplinary proceedings.
8.   Correspondence relating to creation for all categories.
9.   Court cases.

Student section: All correspondence relating to:

1.    Admission to MBBS/MD/degree/Diploma/B.Sc. Medical.
2.    Appointment of Examiner.
3.    Councilling of above courses.
4.    Proposal for addition alternations and modifications in prospectus of MD/MBBS/B.Sc.Technology.