The department of Radiology came into existence in early seventies. Initially equipped for conventional radiology, presently it has developed into a full fledged department of Radio-diagnosis with the addition of latest imaging modalities.

  • The Diploma in Radio-diagnosis was started in 1978.
  • The MD in Radio-diagnosis was introduced in 1983.
  • Initially one year Certificate Course for Radiographers was started in 1979.
  • Since October 2003, three year BSc Degree Course in Medical Technology (Radiology and Imaging) is being taught.
  • The first ultrasound machine was acquired on 20/03/1986.
  •  On 08/10/1995, the spiral CT was added to the diagnostic armamentarium which continued giving facilities to the patients till March,2011
  • The facility for Mammography is there since 08/03/2002.
  • The Color Doppler Machine started functioning in 08/04/2003.
  • The casualty section of the department is operational since 12/11/2003 with installation of 500mA X-Ray machine. The distribution of work load in conventional radiology resulted in relief to the patients with their increasing number over the years.
  • IITV with 800mA X-Ray machine was installed on 09/04/2005.
  • The 1.5 Tesla MRI machine is providing imaging facility to the patients since 26th January,2006.
  • Another high end Color Doppler Machine is giving services since 18/04/2009.
  • A 1000 mA X-Ray machine was added in the casualty section in 20/04/2009.
  • An ultrasound machine was installed in the casualty section of the department for strengthening the emergency services on 17/12/2009.
  • Latest among the equipment added is the state of art 64slice MDCT on 29/08/2010.
  • Two colour doppler machines added on 4-07-2012.
  • Digital X-Rays introduced, both in main radiology section and casualty section from January 2014.
  • Facility of DEXA-Scan (Bone-densitometry) is available from January 2014.
  • Digital Mammography Machine with Tomosynthesis facility available since 15th Dec. 2015.
  • New Digital Radiography system installed in casualty section in April 2016.
  • CR system introduced for portable digital X-rays.
  • Two new Color Doppler machines added in June 2016.

The department is providing facilities for conventional and contrast radiography including fluoroscopy and imaging viz; ultrasonography, color Doppler, mammography, MDCT & MRI scanning. Interventional procedures being done include USG-guided FNAC, aspiration, catheter drainage, percutaneous nephrostomy,PTBD, PAIR procedure for hydatid cysts of liver. CT guided procedures like FNAC and catheter drainage are being done.

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