The Department of Health Research was created as a new Department under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare vide Presidential Notification dated the 17th September, 2007 by an amendment to the Government of India (Allocation of Business) Rules, 1961. The Department has been allocated 9 new functions to promote health research activities, besides the ongoing work relating to the management and administration of ICMR. Government of India, in June, 2013, vide sanction order at approved the scheme for 'Establishment of Multi -Disciplinary Research Units (MRUs) in the Government Medical Colleges/Research Institutions' during the 12th plan period as a path- breaking initiative to develop/strength the health research infrastructure in the country to fulfill the newly allocated function of the Department related to the "Promotion, Coordination and Development of Basic, Applied and Clinical Research".


The objectives of the present scheme are to:
1. Encourage and strengthen an environment of research in medical colleges.
2. Bridge the gap in the infrastructure which is inhibiting health research in the Medical Colleges by assisting them to establish multidisciplinary research facilities with a view to improving the health research and health services.
3. To ensure the geographical spread of health research infrastructure, in order to cover un-served and under-served Medical Colleges and other institutions. 4. To improve the overall health status of the population by creating evidence-based application of diagnostic procedures/processes/methods


1. To undertake research in non-communicable diseases and other need-based research as recommended by the Local Research Committee/Expert Committee of the DHR employing newer tools.
2. To promote and encourage quality medical research in the Institution.
3. To constitute the local research committees for identifying the research priorities and projects with participation of State health system officials MRU IGMC will try to provide the highest level of patient related health research and help to bridge the barriers in diagnosis and treatment.


Administrator: Principal, IGMC Shimla
Nodal Officer: Dr. P.C Negi (Prof.&Head Department of Cardiology IGMC Shimla)
Lab Incharge: Dr Sudarshan K Sharma (Prof. Department of Pathology IGMC Shimla)
                       Dr. Neelam Sharma (Prof. Department of Pathology IGMC Shimla)

Local Research Advisory Committee (Composition)

Sr. No. Name Designation Email  
1. Dr. J.S Thakur Chairperson Department of School and Public health PGIMER Chandigarh
2. Dr. Madhu Khullar Co-Chairperson Department of Experimental Biotechnology PGIMER Chandigarh
3. Dr. P.C Negi Member secretary-nodal officer MRU-IGMC Prof.&Head Department of Cardiology IGMC Shimla
4. Dr. Ashu grover Nominee (ICMR) Scientist E, ICMR New Delhi
5. Dr. Biman saikia Clinical/academician-external

Department of immunopathology PGIMER Chandigarh

6. Dr. Balbir Verma Clinical/academician-internal Department of Medicine IGMC Shimla
7. Dr. Puneet Mahajan Clinical/academician-internal Department of Surgery IGMC Shimla
8. Dr. Shayam Kaushik Nominee(state health) Department of Pediatric IGMC Shimla


Ongoing projects (Approved by DHR)


S.No Project Title Investigator's Date of approval
1. Role of elevated levels of omega 6:omega 3PUFA ratio and Vit. D deficiency in obese metabolic syndrome; worksite based cross sectional study

Dr. P.C Negi (PI)
Prof.& Head Department of Cardiology IGMC Shimla

Dr. Lakshmy Ramakrishnan Professor Cardiac Biochemistry AIIMS New Delhi

Dr. Sanjeev Asotra,
Assistant Prof Cardiology IGMC Shimla

Dr. Rajeev Merwaha
Assistant Prof Cardiology, IGMC Shimla

Dr. Sunita
Assistant Prof Biochemistry, IGMC Shimla

May 2015
2. Identification and characterization of putative target valvular antigen as the marker of susceptibility of RF

Dr. P.C Negi (PI)
Prof.& Head Department of Cardiology
IGMC Shimla

Dr. Rajneesh Pathania,
Prof and Head Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery IGMC Shimla

Dr. Arvind Bhatt
Associate Prof. Department of Biotechnology HP University Shimla.

Dr. T.P.Singh
Prof and Head Department of Biophysics AIIMS New Delhi

Dr. Sanjeev Asotra
Assistant Prof Cardiology IGMC Shimla HP

Dr. Neelam Grover
Prof and Head Department of Pediatrics IGMC Shimla.

Dr. Piyush Kapila
Assist. Prof Department of Forensic Medicine IGMC Shimla

Dr. Anchana Gulati
Assitant Professor Pathology IGMC Shimla

May 2015

Projects approved by Local RAC under MRU-IGMC scheme

S.No. Title Investigator Date of approval
1. Role of sRAGE and oxidative stress as the prognostic markers in acute coronary syndrome Dr. Neeraj Ganju Department of Cardiology, IGMC, Shimla 24 Jan 2017
2. Role of plasma level of s-RAGE in COPD patients-a hospital-based case-control study

Dr. Malay Sarkar Prof.& Head Pulmonary Department of IGMC Shimla

1. Dr. P.C. Negi, Professor & Head, Department of Cardiology, IGMC, Shimla,

2. Harish Changotra, Ph.D.(Associate Professor), Department of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, Jaypee University of Information Technology, Waknaghat, Solan,

3. Dr. Bhupinder Kumar, Senior resident, Department of Medicine, IGMC, Shimla,

24 Jan 2017
3. Immunophenotyping and molecular genetic analysis in acute lukemia and lymphoproliferative disorder at tertiary care centre

Dr. Rajni Kaushik Department of Pathology IGMC Shimla

Co-Investigator(s) :
1. Dr. Neelam Varma ,Prof. and Head, Dept. of Hematology, PGIMER, Chandigarh Email -
2. Dr. Vijay Kaushal, Professor & Head Dept of Pathology . IGMC, Shimla. Email -
3. Dr. Sudarshan K.Sharma, Professor, Dept. of Pathology, IGMC, Shimla. Email
4. Dr. Rajeev Seam, Prof and Head, Dept. of Radiotherapy, IGMC, Shimla. Email -
5. Dr. Shayam Kaushik, Professor, Dept. of Pediatrics, IGMC, Shimla. Email
6. Dr Rajesh Kashyap, Professor, Dept of Medicine, IGM,Shimla. Email -
7. Dr. Anchana Gulati, Associate Professor, Dept. of Pathology, IGMC, Shimla. Email-

24 Jan 2017

Divisions and Facilities

Stafff employed on contractual basis as per the MRU establishment guidelines:

  • Research Scientist II: Dr. Meenakshi Chandel (Ph.D).
  • Research Scientist I: Dr. ChanderKant Sharma(Ph.D).
  • Laboratory Technicians: Ms. Nirjal (B.Sc. MLT)
  • Laboratory Technician: Mr. Vipin Kumar (B.Sc. MLT)
  • Laboratory Assistant: Mr. Dinesh Kumar (B.Sc. MLT)

Research Facilities

The Research Unit at IGMC Shimla has dedicated working areas and is in the process of procuring project need based equipments which would help in achieving the goal of MRU.. The laboratory is currently being used for conducting research in the field of non communicable diseases. It supports both intramural and extramural projects carried out under different clinical researchers/faculty of the institute. Moreover, the laboratory facilities are also being used by Post-graduate students for carrying out their thesis related work.

Sr. No. Name of Equipment Quantity
1. Fluorescent Microscope 1
2. Centrifuge 3000RPM (Rotor 26x15 ml) 1
3. Centrifuge 4000RPM (Rotor 26x15 ml) 1
4. Refrigerated Microfuge 1
5. Minus 20 degree freezer 1
6. Minus 70 degree Freezer 1
7. Blood Chemistry Auto Analyzer 1
8. Mini Cold Lab 1
9. Embedding Station 1
10. Manual Rotary Microtome 1
11. Cryostat Microtome 1
12. Trinocular Microscope 1

Equipments in the process of purchasing through tendering /quotation system

Sr. No. Equipment Quantity
1. 2D Electrophoresis unit with Western blot and imaging system One unit One unit
2. Gas Chromatography system One unit
3. Elisa reader One unit
4. Elisa washer One unit
5. Spectrophotometer(nanodrop) One unit
6. Shaker incubator One unit
7. Ultra Sonicator One unit
8. Water Bath 8 sets
9. Micropipetts 4 sets
10. Multi channel micro pipetts One unit
11. Liquid nitrogen tank One unit
12. Electronic pH meter One unit
13. Electronic weighing machine One unit
14. Ordinary Freezer One unit
15. Magnetic stirrer One unit
16. Micro wave oven One unit
17. Ice Flaking Machine One unit
18. Vortex Mixer One unit
19. Computers two units
20. Tissue processor One unit

Supply order for Ultra Sonicator and tissue processor has been placed and rest of the items do not fulfill the codal formalities of the state, so departmental purchase committee of IGMC Shimla decided for retendering. Moreover, committee suggested to procure the low budgeted items through rate contact following state norms.

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