Department was formed in 1986 when Dr. Suman Rao was appointed as Associate Prof. in cardiology and the department initially functioned as a unit of Department of Medicine. Subsequently present head Dr P C Negi joined the department in 1990. It became a separate Department under the Headship of Prof Sunman Rao in 1992.

                  Department of Cardiology started its journey with 5 beds one senior resident and two consultants in 1992. Till 1992 only TMT lab services were available. In year 1992 old CCU installed in early 70ís under the department was renovated with new ECG bed side and tele ECG monitors. New Image intensifier for implantation of temporary pacemaker and Permanent pacemaker implantations installed and facilities for implantation of temporary pacemaker was started in the department. First permanent pacemaker was implanted in year 1992 itself. Echocardiography with colour Doppler facilities was installed in 1992 itself. Thus the department of Cardiology was established on reasonable footing with non invasive labs and established its credibility with hard work put in by the team. The support of Open heart surgery was however lacking. With constant perseverance for years by the team in the department we were able to convince Government of HP to establish the cardiac catheterization lab in year 1997. The first Coronary angiography was done in Sept 1997. At this point of time we could convince government to create additional posts of faculty members, technical staff. We would like to acknowledge the support and guidance that we received from department of Cardiology and CTVS of AIIMS New Delhi in making our cath. Lab and Open heart surgery programme successful by providing opportunity to undergo training at AIIMS New Delhi. Today department provides all the services related to heart diseases and no patients are being referred out of the state and we take pride in it. Department has added one more feather in its cap by starting Post doctorate (DM) training since 2011 with annual intake of 2 candidates. The department today has grown to full fledge independently function department with 26 beds including 9 CCU beds. 6 faculty members 6 DM senior Residents and 6 non DM Senior Residents with supporting technical and nursing staff. The department now intends to add the additional dimension of division of preventive cardiology.

          Dr Suman Rao       1984-2004

CURRENT HEAD                              
         Prof P C Negi         2004 onwards

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